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5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Fall for Green Energy

red maple leavesLast fall, we shared five ideas for celebrating the end of the summer season in Hot Days, Cool Nights: 5 Ways to End Summer Right.

This year, we think it’s worth sharing a few of these pointers again, along with some additional clever ways to make the most of the autumn season—complete with solar and dynamo technology.

1. Host an Outdoor Fall Food Fest.


What better setting for a fall-friendly cornucopia of rich meats, hearty soups, seasonal vegetables, and pumpkin pie than outdoors where the leaves are falling and the air is crisp?

As long as your guests dress warm enough, it’s as good a time as any to enjoy outdoor dining.

Check out these fall foods recipes to get started. Much can still be prepared on the grill, so invite your friends over for an autumn barbecue they’re sure to remember.

The Goods: Equip yourself with a flexible solar powered light. With 16 LED lights and a strong clamp, the portable light is ideal for outdoor food prep after the sun has already set.

2. Plan a Road Trip.


Now is the perfect time to bundle up and head to the mountains to watch the colors as they change. If you can make time for one more camping trip, do so.

Whether you’re a hiker, a biker, or simply a nature lover, you’ll be glad you did, because it’ll be another six months before sleeping outdoors is an option for most recreational campers.

The Goods: Roughing it doesn’t have to be rough. Solar products have made outdoor play more convenient, especially when recreation takes place far from home and modern conveniences. So toss that outdated lantern, and replace it with one that utilizes alternative energy. Also, Solarrific’s dynamo walking stick makes a great hiking buddy. It’s retractable, crankable, and complete with lights and a warning siren in case of emergencies.

3. Hold a Roast-and-Ghost

campfire at night

Sometimes getting out of town for an entire weekend just isn’t feasible. So at least plan a backyard roast for the kids, complete with hot dogs, marshmallows, and ghost stories.

The Goods: For extra ghoulish drama (and an eco-friendly experience), provide the little ones with solar/dynamo powered flashlights. Plus, kids love having their very own lights, especially ones they can hand-crank them themselves.

4. Prune, Trim, Beautify.

wheelbarrow on walkway near garden with flowers and pumpkins

Now is an ideal time for pruning, tidying, and making your yard a fall retreat.

The Goods: Rather than using excessive electricity, use a solar-powered water fountain kit and solar-powered lights to transform your landscaping. These bubble stick lights are a lovely addition. Also, uplighting, in particular, lends a quick but dramatic effect to tired planters.

5. Tailgate in Style

football field and players

Football season, a quintessential part of American culture, is the time to show your support for your favorite team. So snag your tickets or make plans to tailgate with friends.

The Goods: When enjoying the big game from outside the stands, be sure to have a portable, solar-powered radio on hand. We especially like the European Dynamo Radio.

From all of us at Solarrific, we wish you a happy fall season!

For an Environmental Health Check, Look to the Skies

sunset midway postExamining the condition of our oceans and skies often gives us an idea of how we are faring when it comes to protecting our earth.

The health of these ecosystems indicates whether or not we are hurting or helping our environment.

And these days, it’s not looking good.

Recently, Solarrific founder Grace King discovered a Canadian goose on her property near the East River that seemed to be lingering near her home. King assumed the large bird was just hungry, but when she found it, lifeless, on her porch the next day, she realized that the bird had died in need of help. Upon closer inspection, the goose was entangled in a fisherman’s line and the hook was embedded in its ribcage.

While an isolated case, and while the Canadian goose is nowhere near the threat of extinction, this made us think more about the bigger picture. And it made us wonder, just how many situations just like this one arise due to humans’ carelessness, without us even knowing?

We recently discovered a documentary that sheds light on that very issue, a little-known problem that is affecting a number of birds. The film, titled Midway, is to be released in 2014. Click below to have a look at the trailer. We dare you not to wipe your eyes.

Midway snap

If you’re like us, watching that video is a sobering reminder that we as humans need to be more aware of our environmental impact. Mindfulness doesn’t just help protect our earth and its resources, but it preserves the health and the lives of the other creatures that live here.

This kind of awareness should extend to even daily decisions that may seem minor, like whether or not to recycle a small piece of plastic, throw it in the trash, or chuck it out the car window. It involves having an acute awareness of our environmental footprint. In other words, we should be asking ourselves the following question: How does my daily existence affect the environment and the lives it sustains?

Pursuing an environmentally mindful lifestyle starts with a few small adjustments, but these changes can make a very big impact. Here are a few questions for self-examination.

  • Do I use products powered by alternative energy (solar-powered, hand-crank, etc.), rather than devices that require an endless supply of batteries to continue functioning?
  • Do I recycle and/or compost waste?
  • How diligent am I about conserving natural resources (water, etc.) in my home? Do I wait for a full load of laundry or dishes before running the washer or dishwasher (respectively)?
  • Do I refrain from littering, even when properly disposing of trash is inconvenient?
  • When away from population centers and in the great outdoors, do I leave my environment in a better condition that I found it?

As you probably know, Solarrific provides consumers with green-power alternatives (solar and hand-cranking) to commonly used devices such as flashlights and phone chargers. Awareness of our impact on the environment drives everything we do, from how our products are manufactured to their final application.

Therefore, we invite you, too, to make mindful decisions when purchasing and using consumer products, as well as when engaging with our natural world. This way, we can help preserve our earth and all its creatures for future generations.