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Eco-Chic: 7 Must-Haves for a Stylish, Eco-friendly Summer

A couple of summers ago, our Solar/Dynamo Waterproof LED Flashlight and Handy Dynamo Radio were featured alongside a number of other eco-friendly brands in “The Green Outdoors: Backyard & Beyond”, an article written by Sophie Novack for Organic Spa Magazine.

Because summer’s not quite over, and because we think our flashlight (and the other products featured in the article) are as great as ever, we wanted to share the write-up from Organic Spa Magazine (or you can find a link to the original post here).

Enjoy reading and happy adventuring!

Aug13_green outdoor_1

Summer is a time to enjoy the great outdoors, whether in your backyard or at a campsite. The best gear should be environmentally friendly, in the spirit of truly delighting in nature, but ideally also preserve our daily comforts. Here are some of our newest and greatest eco finds for the season.


The Alite X Free People tent is a lightweight and stylish place to sleep two on a summer night. The mesh canopy is ideal for ventilation, and comes with a waterproof rainfly, in case of rain. Designed in collaboration with the clothing brand, Free People, in a range of colors. $168, freepeople.com/alite-x-free-people-tent-28046068/


Aug13_green outdoor_7With a compact solar panel and battery pack for charging, the Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit is the ultimate eco-efficient, weather resistant, portable power charger. $ 159.99, goalzero.com


SteriPEN relies on eco-friendly UV-light technology to keep your water safe while camping. The world’s smallest, lightest UV water purifier, the light kills over 99.9 percent of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa in 48 seconds, so you can feel safe drinking water on the trail without having to carry some along. It can be charged through a computer, outlet, or solar panel, via a micro USB B port. $119.95, steripen.com/freedom/

Aug13_green outdoor_3


This Solar/Dynamo Waterproof LED flashlight is equipped for all terrains and situations. It is water-proof, flood-proof, floats on water, and is built with durable casing to prevent shock from loose wires. The flashlight can also be recharged with solar power or by the hand crank, so you’ll never worry about being left in the dark. $19.99, solarrific.com


Small and extremely portable, the Handy Dynamo radio weighs in at 0.32 pounds and is powered by cranking—one minute of cranking yields 10 minutes of radio time—and includes a built-in cell phone charger, too, ensuring you’ll never be too disconnected. $19.99, solarrific.com

OUTDOOR TRACKSAug13_green outdoor_6

The ECOROX Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is equipped to bring 10 hours of playtime to your most exciting adventures. It is lightweight, compact and 100 percent waterproof and shockproof; the speaker floats face-up and can safely be placed directly in a lake, river, or pool. Plays music from any Bluetooth-enabled device and answers calls over a built-in speakerphone.$129.99, ecoxgear.com

Aug13_green outdoor_2ECO COOK STOVE

The BioLite CampStove uses twigs and other biomass rather than non-renewable petroleum gas to create the fire, reducing your carbon footprint. It also doubles as an off-grid power charger, with surplus electricity available to charge small electronic devices. $129.95, biolitestove.com

9 Ways to Celebrate the Earth—All Year Long

Today is Earth Day, and homosapiens all over the world are celebrating the Blue Planet in a myriad of ways. Also, since Earth Week lasts from April 20th to the 24th, this week is the high point of environmental activities and awareness all around the globe.

leaves in sun

But what about during the rest of the year? Here are some practical ways to show your love for our green earth—today, for the remainder of the week, and all year round.


1. Plant a tree. Earth Day often coincides roughly with Arbor Day, so it’s the perfect time to take part in this recognized Earth Day activity.

2. Celebrate with NASA. In addition to events being held on Earth Day in California, Virginia, and Washington D.C., NASA is inviting people to share your views of Earth via Instagram, Twitter, Google+, or Vine—using the hashtag #NoPlaceLikeHome.

3. Attend an Earth Day fair. Search for events in your area here.

This Week:

4. Purchase clean-energy products. At Solarrific, we are celebrating Earth Week with discounts on the following products (while supplies last):

The following radios are only $10 each, this week only (click images for product information):

Solarrific European Style Dynamo Radio
European Style Dynamo Radio (R1005)
4-in-1 Flashlight/Radio/Alarm/Charger (R1006)
4-in-1 Flashlight/Radio/Alarm/Charger (R1006)
AM/FM/WB dynamo crank radio cube
Solar/ Handcrank AM/FM Radio Cube (R1007)

Our Clip It/Squeeze It Flashlight is $5 (click image for product information):

Clip It Squeeze It Flashlight (L2017)
Clip It Squeeze It Flashlight (L2017)

Our Solar Cap Light is $10 (click image for product information):

Solar LED Cap Light (L2028)
Solar LED Cap Light (L2028)

5. Prepare eco-friendly meals. Using locally produced, organic ingredients that have little impact on the environment, devote this week to making special meals that use fewer resources than traditional boxed dinners. Clean up afterwards by using the low-water dishwashing method.

6. Pick up trash. This week, be mindful of noticing litter in and around your community, and place refuse in the trash when you see it, rather than walking on. Even better, contact a local community group and help them with their trash pick-up efforts.


7. Travel smarter. Find a carpool service or better utilize public transportation.

8. Make your garden green. Transform your outdoor space into a clean energy oasis by planting wildflowers and oxygen-producing trees, enhancing your landscaping with solar-powered lights, and installing a solar-powered water fountain.

9. Join a group. Volunteer, donate, or educate yourself and your family about the environment by becoming a part of a local group. Here’s a list to get you started.

However you choose to celebrate the earth, be it with small changes within your own home and family or by participating on a larger scale, we invite you to make Earth Day every day!

15 Reasons to Go Solar in 2015

orangesunsimmeringThe United Nations has declared 2015 the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies.

This initiative is intended “to raise awareness of how optical technologies promote sustainable development and provide solutions to worldwide challenges in energy, education, agriculture, communications and health.”

And what greater source of our light to appreciate than our ever-loyal sun? There is no better time to consider—and embrace—solar technology. Here are 15 reasons why going solar in 2015 makes sense.

By doing so, you will reduce energy costs related to household utility bills (specifically, electricity).

Even if solar systems and products cost more upfront, they end up being more affordable to use and maintain over time.

solar panelSolar technology is continually being improved, meaning increased efficiency and lower production costs—which eventually mean savings for the end user.

Handheld solar products don’t depend on electrical outlets for power, making them portable and useful.

The energy gained from the sun is renewable—free and unlimited.

The increasing demand for solar is producing jobs at an ever-increasing rate.

Solar systems and products often require little maintenance over time.

Reduce the need to purchase batteries to power devices.

Decrease your environmental impact (billions of batteries are thrown away each year, all of which end up in landfills.

When using or purchasing solar energy systems, tax credits or rebates may be available, on federal, state, and local levels.

Use of solar-powered devices decreases greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar products and systems are not noisy; they silently produce energy.

Helps prevent the depletion of natural resources.

Solar power is versatile; useful for both high-powered and low-powered devices and applications.

Handheld solar products are reliable in emergency situations.

Whichever of the above reasons help motivate you to make the transition into using solar energy, you can be assured that the change will benefit you and your family for years to come.

Solar-Powered Philanthropy: 10 Ways the Sun Keeps Giving

sun-in-handsOne of the year’s most significant holidays is officially behind us. Presents have been opened, feasts have been consumed, and family members are making their way to their respective homes. But while you’re taking down decorations and depositing gift wrapping in the trash, remember that, just because one of the country’s biggest days of gift-giving has passed, there is still plenty of room for generosity.

For one thing, when it comes to solar technology, many organizations’ philanthropic efforts have led to substantial improvements in living conditions and a better quality of life for individuals in less developed nations. Here is a round-up of some notable solar projects that are taking place around the world:

Oftentimes, helping those in need starts right in our own communities, but it’s inspiring to see how solar technology is making a greater impact worldwide—and changing people’s lives in rural communities abroad.

Solar News Roundup: Including Trends in Robotics and Transportation

It’s about that time—time for another solar news roundup, where we share information about trends and updates in the solar industry. Learn more about the solar technology being used by leading corporations and in public places, as well as cutting edge new research, and even its application in the world of robotics. Happy reading!

First, for a look at solar technology being employed around the nation, both in business and in public places, read on.

solar powered table on campus
Solar-powered table on campus at George Washington University

Next, have a look at some of the incredible ways solar power is being used worldwide.

Changwon's solar-powered tower is the largest and highest in the nation.
Changwon’s solar-powered tower is the largest and highest in the nation.

When it comes to transportation, solar technology is being employed more than ever before.

This pilot program outfits police cars with solar panels.
This pilot program outfits police cars with solar panels.

Also, check out these new discoveries in the world of solar and cutting-edge innovations.

Solar-powered cube
A concept of the solar-powered cube ‘Desert Cascade’ depicts a cascading waterfall in the middle of the desert.

You might also be surprised to learn about the use of robotic devices in solar installation, maintenance, and more. Read on:

These solar-powered Morphs move about and self-assemble to interact with humans.
These solar-powered Morphs move about and self-assemble to interact with humans.

And for further reading, learn more about groundbreaking research that is sure to change the world of solar as we know it.

Energy from... solar lasers?
Energy from… solar lasers?

Solar Technology News and Trends [Roundup]

solar panelThere’s been a lot happening in the world of solar technology in recent weeks. And while Solarrific’s primary aim is to offer some of the most innovative solar- and dynamo-powered products available, we also make it our goal to keep our readers up-to-date on new developments in the solar industry.

So, starting today, we’ll regularly provide a roundup (via our blog) of solar news and trends so that you, as the eco-conscious consumer, can stay informed.

First, get a closer look at solar power at work around the nation, from a California recycling plant to Wisconsin’s bike paths.

Next, learn more about new developments in solar technology, including groundbreaking research that promises to change the industry as we know it.

Lastly, learn about worldwide solar happenings, including new inventions that utilize the power of the sun and rural towns being transformed by this exciting technology.

Do you have solar news you’d like to share? Drop us a line at: info at solarrific dot com.

Small Things—Big Effects

white sandy beach with footprints in sandPicture yourself somewhere tropical and warm, walking along a white sand beach. The ocean water is clearer than you’ve ever seen, and waves wash upon the shore at your feet.

But look! What’s that? It looks like a…cigarette butt. But there’s not a soul in sight. Where could it have come from?

The scenario pictured above is exactly what Solarrific founder Grace King experienced only a few weeks ago, while she enjoyed a swim in the pristine waters of the Caribbean during a much-needed vacation.

“The experience made me think of what a throwaway society we are,” says King. “And unfortunately, when we throw things away, the waste doesn’t just disappear. All that trash has to go somewhere.”

One cigarette butt may seem like a small thing, but think about it this way: You wouldn’t throw it into your children’s sandbox, would you?

There is no question that, when it comes to trash in the landfills, the small things add up.

Take used batteries, for instance. It may seem insignificant to toss a pair into the trash. However, millions of these “small” things are thrown into U.S. landfills every year. In fact, an EPA fact sheet says that batteries “account for a disproportionate amount of the toxic heavy metals contained” within this waste.

two batteries

So, next time you throw away a pair of used batteries, think about the part you may be playing in polluting the planet for future generations.

One flashlight, in its lifetime, will use dozens, maybe even hundreds of batteries.

On the flipside, alternative energy, while it may seem more costly initially, is actually more economical over the long term. After five battery changes, the cost of a traditional flashlight exceeds that of a solar or dynamo-powered device.

“The technology is there, we just have to use it,” says King.

That’s why we do what we do here at Solarrific: We aim to make a difference by creating awareness about alternative energy, specifically that generated by solar and dynamo technology. “Many people think alternative energy is a myth, but it’s not,” says King. “It’s easy and practical.”

Visit solarrific.com to learn more and to peruse our extensive product line.