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This Holiday Season, Shop Green; Save Green

Christmas-greenBlack Friday was the indisputable reminder that holiday gift giving is well on its way—and that many stores stop offering steep discounts after the biggest shopping weekend of the year.

But if you’re like many shoppers, there are many things still on your list to purchase for friends and family before Christmas. What’s a person to do?

We have good news: Solarrific is offering discounts to our online shoppers for the rest of the holiday season, until December 31st. (Which means you can find stocking stuffers and larger gift items for just about everyone on your list—all without leaving home.)

Just use coupon code HOHOHOSO at checkout (when shopping via our website and on Amazon), and you’ll receive 20% off your order until December 31st.

Here are our picks for just about everyone on your shopping list:

The Kids

When shopping for the younger members on your Christmas list, you can’t go wrong with fun, colorful stocking stuffers. These flashlight keychains are perfect for this purpose, and our stick-on bluetooth speakers are a kid favorite, too.

Solar/ Handcrank LED Flashlight Keychain (W4010)
Solar/ Handcrank LED Flashlight Keychain (W4010)
Bluetooth Rechargeable Stick-On, Splashproof Speakers (S8001, 2, 3, 4)
Bluetooth Rechargeable Stick-On, Splashproof Speakers (S8001, 2, 3, 4)
The Travelers

Whether taking a road trip or an international flight, traveling can present both hazards and minor inconveniences that can be remedied simply by being prepared. Our auto emergency tool is perfect for road travel during colder weather months, and the international adapter is perfect for the jetsetters in your family.

Auto Emergency Flashlight (E6001)
Auto Emergency Flashlight (E6001)
International Travel Adapter with USB Ports (C5021)
International Travel Adapter with USB Ports (C5021)
The iPhone Photographer

Make sure your family’s shutterbug has all the power he or she needs for impromptu family  photos and special holiday moments. This power bank provides a convenient backup for your cell phones and tablets.

Mobile Digital Power Bank, Dual USB 7800mAh (C5014)
Mobile Digital Power Bank, Dual USB 7800mAh (C5014)
The Gardener

For green thumbs, this solar floating fountain will enhance any garden, whether you have water features or want to create your own.

Solar Floating Fountain (G3033) - birdbath not included
Solar Floating Fountain (G3033) – birdbath not included
The Outdoor Enthusiast

This portable solar charger is a great gift for the explorers in your family, whether they may be hikers, fisherman, or mountain bikers. Not only does it provide a steady energy source for connected digital devices, but it can be easily attached to a bag or backpack. The charger comes with a 2000 mAh external battery, and can be used for mobile phones and small 5 volt digital devices. Available in three colors: black, orange, and camouflage.

4W Solar Charger with 2000 mAh External Battery for Mobile Phones and Small 5V Digital Devices. Comes in 3 colors: black (C5018), orange (C5019), and camouflage (C5020).
4W Solar Charger with 2000 mAh External Battery for Mobile Phones and Small 5V Digital Devices. Comes in 3 colors: black (C5018), orange (C5019), and camouflage (C5020).
And Now, for the Festivities!

Last but not least, get into the Christmas spirit—without spiking your power bill during the winter months—with these solar-powered string lights (available in both color and white).

Solar Multi-Colored String Lights (G3031)
Solar Multi-Colored String Lights (G3031)
Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 2.13.12 PM
Solar White String Lights (G3030)


5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Fall for Green Energy

red maple leavesLast fall, we shared five ideas for celebrating the end of the summer season in Hot Days, Cool Nights: 5 Ways to End Summer Right.

This year, we think it’s worth sharing a few of these pointers again, along with some additional clever ways to make the most of the autumn season—complete with solar and dynamo technology.

1. Host an Outdoor Fall Food Fest.


What better setting for a fall-friendly cornucopia of rich meats, hearty soups, seasonal vegetables, and pumpkin pie than outdoors where the leaves are falling and the air is crisp?

As long as your guests dress warm enough, it’s as good a time as any to enjoy outdoor dining.

Check out these fall foods recipes to get started. Much can still be prepared on the grill, so invite your friends over for an autumn barbecue they’re sure to remember.

The Goods: Equip yourself with a flexible solar powered light. With 16 LED lights and a strong clamp, the portable light is ideal for outdoor food prep after the sun has already set.

2. Plan a Road Trip.


Now is the perfect time to bundle up and head to the mountains to watch the colors as they change. If you can make time for one more camping trip, do so.

Whether you’re a hiker, a biker, or simply a nature lover, you’ll be glad you did, because it’ll be another six months before sleeping outdoors is an option for most recreational campers.

The Goods: Roughing it doesn’t have to be rough. Solar products have made outdoor play more convenient, especially when recreation takes place far from home and modern conveniences. So toss that outdated lantern, and replace it with one that utilizes alternative energy. Also, Solarrific’s dynamo walking stick makes a great hiking buddy. It’s retractable, crankable, and complete with lights and a warning siren in case of emergencies.

3. Hold a Roast-and-Ghost

campfire at night

Sometimes getting out of town for an entire weekend just isn’t feasible. So at least plan a backyard roast for the kids, complete with hot dogs, marshmallows, and ghost stories.

The Goods: For extra ghoulish drama (and an eco-friendly experience), provide the little ones with solar/dynamo powered flashlights. Plus, kids love having their very own lights, especially ones they can hand-crank them themselves.

4. Prune, Trim, Beautify.

wheelbarrow on walkway near garden with flowers and pumpkins

Now is an ideal time for pruning, tidying, and making your yard a fall retreat.

The Goods: Rather than using excessive electricity, use a solar-powered water fountain kit and solar-powered lights to transform your landscaping. These bubble stick lights are a lovely addition. Also, uplighting, in particular, lends a quick but dramatic effect to tired planters.

5. Tailgate in Style

football field and players

Football season, a quintessential part of American culture, is the time to show your support for your favorite team. So snag your tickets or make plans to tailgate with friends.

The Goods: When enjoying the big game from outside the stands, be sure to have a portable, solar-powered radio on hand. We especially like the European Dynamo Radio.

From all of us at Solarrific, we wish you a happy fall season!

wheelbarrow on walkway near garden with flowers and pumpkins

Summer Adventures, Part 3: Solar-Powered Essentials for Gardeners

Avid gardeners will tell you their hobby can be as great an adventure as gallivanting around the world. After all, when you can’t get away from it all, sometimes retreating to one’s own backyard oasis is the next best thing. Part 3 in our Solar Adventure Series is intended to inspire the gardeners among us, both with ideas for your own outdoor space and products designed to enhance the gardening experience.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

If you’ve ever grown and tended your own plants, you know that the process requires time, commitment and patience—in addition to the crucial elements of water, good soil, and sun. And, since the sun is the biggest factor in the quality of our blooms and success of our yield, it only makes sense that we could use the sun’s energy to generate power for other aspects of our gardens.

Green Products for Green Thumbs

Whether you’re tending produce or flowers, certain tools and conveniences can greatly enhance the pleasures of gardening—and we’ve got the goods! Check out these garden-friendly, solar-powered must-haves:

For aesthetic appeal, these fountains enhance any garden, whether you have water features or create your own.

Floating Solar Fountain on Lily Pad (G3039)
Floating Solar Fountain on Lily Pad (G3039)
Solar Floating Fountain (G3033) - birdbath not included
Solar Floating Fountain (G3033) – birdbath not included
Solar Water Fountain Kit (G3017)
Solar Water Fountain Kit (G3017) – container not included

Stay cool during the dog days of summer with these solar powered fan caps and accessories.

Solar Cooling Fan Cap (W4033)
Solar Cooling Fan Cap (W4033)
Solar LED Cap Light (L2028)
Solar LED Cap Light (L2028)

Solar Inspiration

For some inspiration to help transform your garden into a backyard oasis, visit our Gardens of Light board on Pinterest to see a few outdoors spaces as well as tips and tricks we love. We hope they’ll inspire you to create your very own solar-powered, backyard retreat.

Happy gardening!

People on Beach enjoying Sunset

Summer Adventures, Part 2: Eco-friendly Essentials for Seasoned Travelers

Jetsetters rejoice! Part 1 in our Solar Adventure Series featured eco-friendly products for outdoor explorers, but this week it’s all about you wanderlusts. In part 2, we have summer-friendly products to help you travel in style and with convenience—all while being kind to Mother Nature.

See the World; Love the Earth

Leaving on a jet plane doesn’t necessarily mean leaving behind modern conveniences. But neither should it mean excessive use of power, batteries, or expensive electronics. Whether your jaunt is by air, by train, or just means lounging by the pool, make sure you have clean, green power where and when you need it most.

3 Eco-friendly Must-Haves:

When traveling abroad, your devices may not always be compatible with the types of outlets available in  some countries. This international travel adapter (with USB Ports) has you covered.

International Travel Adapter with USB Ports (C5021)
International Travel Adapter with USB Ports (C5021)

One common frustration amongst frequent travelers of the lack of available power, especially when you’re out seeing the sights or away from developed areas. For these times, we recommend keeping a power bank handy. This one will fit just fine in your backpack or purse. C5014 Dual USB 7800 mAh Mobile Digital Power Bank

Mobile Digital Power Bank, Dual USB 7800mAh (C5014)
Mobile Digital Power Bank, Dual USB 7800mAh (C5014)

And for those who find the most enjoyment lounging on the beach or at the pool, these bluetooth speakers are perfect for bringing a little entertainment to your waterside cabana.

Bluetooth Rechargeable Stick-On, Splashproof Speakers (S8001, 2, 3, 4)
Bluetooth Rechargeable Stick-On, Splashproof Speakers (S8001, 2, 3, 4)

Visit our online store to find these travel-friendly products, and don’t forget to use promo code summer10 during checkout to receive 10% off your order.

Bon voyage!

I’m Dreaming of a Solar Christmas: 7 Must-Haves for Green Wish Lists

Wondering what to get the eco-friendly folks on your list? Here are some of our most popular solar and dynamo products to help you with your green holiday shopping. And there’s something for everyone, from gadget lovers to gardeners!

Solarrific solar dynamo keychain flashlight
Solar/handcrank LED flashlight keychain

Stocking Stuffers

These solar/handcrank LED flashlight keychains are small but powerful. The bright LED lights have a 50,000 hour lifetime and are great to have on hand in case of emergencies.



Solarrific four in one flashlight radio alarm charger
4-in-1 flashlight/radio/alarm/charger

Outdoor Enthusiasts

This 4-in-1 flashlight/radio/alarm/charger is an incredibly handy tool that is the perfect gift for adventurers and trailblazers. One minute of winding the crank yields 30 mintues of full light.



Solar power bank for mobile and digital devices


It’s likely to assume there are a few individuals on your list who continually need to charge their mobile devices, even when an electrical outlet is unavailable. This power bank contains two USB outputs, making it the ideal tool for charging two devices simultaneously, for instance, a cell phone and iPad (not included).


AM/FM/WB dynamo crank radio cube
Solar AM/FM handcrank radio cube

For the Kids

It can be hard to shop for the youngest ones on your list, but they’ll love this solar AM/FM radio cube, which has a hand crank to help keep busy little hands occupied.



Duo rechargeable mini speaker set

College Students

This sleek, rechargeable mini-speaker set is a great gift for someone who needs quality sound in a small living space or when on the go. Speakers are portable and lightweight, making them perfect for dorm living and travel.



Floating solar water fountain

Green Thumbs

The gardeners on your list will love our floating solar water fountain for the birdbath or a small pond. This product doesn’t need electricity or batteries, and it comes with multiple fountain head attachments for different water patterns. (Birdbath not included.)


Flexible solar-powered light


The builders, mechanics, and tinkerers in our lives always seem to need extra light, especially when working on a project late at night in a garage or workshop. Whatever the need, this solar-powered light has a flexible arm that can position light anywhere it might be needed, even in the tightest of spots. (L2019)

And don’t forget about solar Christmas lights. We’re offering discounts on those, too!

Interested in seeing additional solar products? Peruse our online store for even more gift ideas that are sure to impress. Don’t worry if you’re running a little behind schedule, either; Solarrific products ship within two business days.

Happy green holidays!