Hot Days, Cool Nights: 5 Ways to End Summer Right

red maple leavesThe passing of Labor Day is a sign that summer is on its way out and cooler temperatures are on their way in. And with the arrival of fall comes pumpkin pie, flannel sheets, and falling leaves.

While autumn brings joys of its own, there are still plenty of reasons to make the most of the remainder of summer. We’d like to share five great ways to usher in the new season, and the goods to help make the transition a little easier, courtesy of solar and dynamo technology.

1. Host a Farewell-to-Summer BBQ

bbq chicken and vegetables on grill

Now that the heat has abated, it’s a great time to enjoy outdoor dining.

So marinate the meat, fire up the grill, and invite your friends over for the last great barbecue of the season.

The Goods: Equip yourself with a flexible solar powered light. With 16 LED lights and a strong clamp, the portable light is ideal for outdoor food prep after the sun has already set.

2. Head for the Hills

high mountains trees and reflection in water

Before the weather gets too cold, make time for one more camping trip.

Whether you’re a hiker, a biker, or simply a nature lover, you’ll be glad you did, because it’ll be another six months before sleeping outdoors is an option for the mainstream.

The Goods: Roughing it doesn’t have to be rough. Solar products have made outdoor play more convenient, especially when recreation takes place far from home and modern conveniences. So toss that outdated lantern, and replace it with one that utilizes alternative energy. Also, Solarrific’s dynamo walking stick makes a great hiking buddy. It’s retractable, crankable, and complete with lights and a warning siren in case of emergencies.

3. Hold a Roast-and-Ghost

campfire at night

Sometimes getting out of town for an entire weekend just isn’t feasible. So at least plan a backyard sleepover for the kids, complete with pitched tents, a marshmallow roast, and ghost stories.

The Goods: For extra ghoulish drama (and an eco-friendly campout), provide the little ones with solar/dynamo powered flashlights. Plus, kids love having their very own lights, especially ones they can hand-crank them themselves.

4. Prune, Trim, Beautify

wheelbarrow on walkway near garden with flowers and pumpkins

Planting season may have passed, and the trees may not yet be ready to lose their leaves, but now is an ideal time for pruning, tidying, and making your yard a retreat.

The Goods: Rather than using excessive electricity, use a solar-powered water fountain kit and solar-powered lights to transform your landscaping. These bubble stick lights are a lovely addition. Also, uplighting, in particular, lends a quick but dramatic effect to tired planters.

5. Tailgate in Style

football field and players

Football season, quintessential to American culture, is the time to sport your team’s colors and show your support. So get yourself tickets or make plans to tailgate with friends.

The Goods: When enjoying the big game from outside the stands, be sure to have a portable, solar-powered radio on hand.

Note: This month, Solarrific is offering discounts on its solar and dynamo radios. We especially like the European Dynamo Radio.

From all of us at Solarrific, enjoy the remainder of your summer!

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